Welcome to the Digital Orientation Unit 2020

If you are reading this, that probably means that you are starting to study at the Department of Informatics of the Universität Hamburg in Winter Term 2020/21. Great!

So, with that, the team of the Orientation Unit (OU) – or German "Orientierungseinheit" (OE) says a warmhearted "Moin" to you!

Unfortunately, due to the special circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 virus, we cannot meet in person this year. Instead, we offer you a digital Orientation Unit where we guide you through the easy and hard parts of studying.

The IAS Orientation Unit takes place from Monday, 26.10.2020, to Friday, 30.10.2020. The Orientation Unit for all other degree programs starts on Friday, 23.10.2020. Keep in mind the clock change on the 25.10.2020 where we will switch from CEST (UTC+2) to CET (UTC+1). It's necessary that you go through this guide before the Orientation Unit which shows you how to take part. This should take about 1–2 hours. You may choose when you do so, but we advise you to do so about one week in advance so that there is time to react on technical difficulties.

If you have any problems that will keep you from taking part in the OU, we will offer a Q&A session that you can attend where we will try to solve these issues with you.

Any further info will be published on the OU website:

Contents of this guide

In this guide, we will show you…

  • an Overview over the different accounts that you will encounter in your studies,
  • the basic functionality of your STiNE account,
    • You will be shown how to register for courses during the Orientation Unit. We strongly advise you to NOT register for courses on your own!
  • your University's webmail,
  • how to use Moodle and BigBlueButton which are services we use at the OU.
  • how to access your account for the Department of Informatics,
  • the web services that our student body offers you – free of charge,

Simply click on "Next" and walk through the guide in the order as shown in the navigation menu on the left.